“Myskinsky samohod”

It is not hard to guess that everything in Myshkin is one of a kind - the only in the world the Museum of the Mouse, the museum of Petr Smirnov and others. The unique machinery museum is the only one of its kind in the Upper Volga Region. It includes a large collection of agricultural machinery, trucks, passenger cars and motorcycles.

Among the famous vehicles from the past there are pre- WW2 truck GAZ AA, the famous “emka” GAZM1 used by secret police to transport prisoners, the WW2 veteran ZIS-5 , its American wartime ally “Willis” and many more. We even have a boat; a steam engine machine; an aircraft turbine and 19th century lemonade and sausage making machines! You can touch all these museum items, and if you get lucky- even see them work or try to operate these machines yourself!

Dear visitors, you can even book a tour requesting a working demonstration to thrill to the sound of old motorcycles and cars and take a picture with them or even take a ride!

There are also special exhibitions of old machinery held in our town every year.