A must-see place for everyone visiting Myshkin is of course Verhniy Boulevard, the street that opens to a panoramic view of the Volga Region.

This little forest country, with mesmerizing views to the Youhot River with small river islands, bays, creeks and little villages nestling on the forest outskirts will leave nobody untouched.

The Upper Volga Region is a land of marvelous events, ancient stories and hidden beauties. Back in time, the independent realm of Youhotskoye was governed by a dynasty of local rulers and later by the famous Prince Mstislavsky, whose estate was a hidden gem of the Upper Volga. The Medieval ruler of the region F. M . Mstislavsky signed his letters to the Polish King as “The Prince sitting on the Youhot”.

From the time of Peter the Great until the middle of the 19th century, this region was the first Russian county, and its owners, the counts Sheremetyev, continued to develop the crafts of this secluded area and look after its pristine nature.

And the local crafts here really were amazing and diverse. In the distant villages deep in the forest there even were falcon hunters villages that provided birds to the King of Russia's royal falconry.

In the forests that stretched between the lakes and marshes, hidden from the world, the Old Believers were also hard at work building their own villages.

The banks of the Volga and Youhot rivers were occupied by diligent, economic and gifted trades people who used the river power to mill grain, cut wood, make butter and even …..paper at the new-fangled paper mill.

Many wonderful talented people came from this region- a famous actress Polina Zhemchgova,a book printer Voroblevsky, a big Russian entrepreneur Berezin and other hard working and less famous Russian people.

This area has always had its uniqueness, it own way of looking at things. Zavolzhye people also had great respect for their spiritual capital of Uchma village with its ancient monastery started by a noble pilgrim of Greek origin named Kassian, who was later sainted.

Saint Kassian, a relative to European emperors and one of Sophia Paleolog’s court nobility came to Uchma to build a holy shrine and serve God with his knowledge and talents. Here he rests in peace forever.

Zavolzhye has a long history of faith and there are amazing churches built here to commemorate holy events.

One example is The Shepherd Boy’s Church, which was build after the appearance of our Lady to a shepherd boy who was promised wealth and glory. A city merchant gave thanks to the Mother of God and built a beautiful church at the place of Her appearance.

Zavolzhye was also celebrated for being community with its own local railroad, which was built by Count Sheremetyev. The railroad served all the transportation needs for local people and business and was a real gem.; complete with a tiny locomotive and fanciful, little railway stations.

But the areas real beauty is its nature--mighty forests, quiet fields and crystal clear rivers. Just like every round stone has its magic secrets, every little village has its own uniqueness which makes visiting an experience of pure beauty and magic.

Uchma village has a church of St Kassian and a Museum of Faith and Labor built on the Uchma river.

The Shepherd boy’s church is in Okhotino village. There are holy springs and beautiful forests to enjoy here.

Kosturino village is famous for its St Klement’s church and folklore singing.

And Kiryanovo village, with its Soviet-era Young Pioneers Organization and people who keep the tradition alive, is a living time warp.

We invite you to visit this amazing region to discover for yourself what makes its nature and people so endlessly fascinating!