Dear guests! No matter where you are from you may have heard about the famous Russian Smirnov vodka and its inventor, Piotr Smirnov. Here in our town where he was born, we have created a museum devoted to this Russian genius entrepreneur who started as a peasant and became a millionaire. The history of his success is displayed in our small museum. Myshkovites often joke that drinking vodka cannot play the devil with their health because they know where it comes from!

Today the museum has also has an exposition devoted to his great- great- grandson, Boris Smirnov. Boris Alekseivich Smirnov is a true hero of our time, a patriot and an extraordinary entrepreneur who deserves our highest respect. The exposition follows his success from the famous vodka ““Stolovoye vino # 21” to ‘Arsenitch’ http://www.arsenitch.com/en/degvins/ that has won several international awards. The vodka manufacturer has also received awards for his outstanding achievements and patriotism - the Order of Konstantin the Great and the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

Piotr Smirnov’s ancestors support the museum activities and come to the museum every year. Myshkovites will tell you about this famous citizen who put “Honesty above profits!” and they will share the history of liqueur manufacturing in Russia and the traditions of drinking it.


You can enjoy a variety of interactive programs that include sampling of the local food and liqueur--including sampling the famous Smirnov vodka.

  1. “Long live local Kosorylovka!” (home-made liqueur) This interactive program is all about town folklore and includes sampling local pancakes, pickles and liqueur.
  2. “Tea time stories”- a folklore interactive program for parents and children with Russian tea snacks and tea from the samovar.
  3. Pancake Master class from the best pancake mistress of the town! A “tasty” program that is fun for both adults and children and includes making the cakes, eating them and having a great time.

Exclusive programs (like a wedding, a christening, a corporate event, a party on getting a job or quitting one, or any personal event to celebrate with fun!)

Please call us before your event, so we can plan it together and make it a great success!