“Makhaev Dvor”- Merchant Makhaev’s Estate

There are lots of museum in Russia that are devoted to merchants and their lives but ours is exceptionally different. Myshkin is unique because merchants were the town’s moving force back in the18-19th century. With a population of only 2500 people, Myshkin boasted 27 noblemen and 117 shops run by 193 merchants!

Makhaev Dvor is a museum devoted to the pioneers of Russian capitalism. It offers the following exhibitions:

  • Merchant’s shop ( a miniature supermarket from A to Z)
  • The living quarters of a merchant:
    • The maid’s room ( who does embroidery in her free time)
    • The Merchant’s guest room where he would entertain guests , play card games and gamble.
    • The Bedroom with a double king size bed to fit rotund owners decorated in the fashion of that time
    • The Study, where the debits were made to equal credits and a middle class merchant was thinking what to put in his tax returns after paying guild and guards taxes.
    • The Dining room, where hot sturgeon pies were served for dinner and fashionable French pastry was paired with coffee.
    • The street sweeper’s service room and apartment (equipment, clothes, personal items and a room décor from a coat hanger to bed)

The museum is run by Genady Ivanovich Makhaev, yes, the actual ancestor of the real merchant. Along with the maid Fiena and the street sweeper Tit they will take you back in time and offer interesting stories to listen to and authentic clothes to try on for a photo. You can really get a lot of fun visiting this museum!


(the history of fabric and sheep skin manufacturing)

The museum has got a large collection of woolen and linen merchandise and equipment for making fabric:

  • From flax to woolen boots and fur jackets
  • Peasant tools and special equipment
  • The biggest collection of spinning wheels in Yaroslavl oblast
  • The museum shop where you can buy a pair of authentic woolen boots to keep you warm in winter or a cool linen garment for hot summer days!